Microsoft announces new Azure Arc database capabilities

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Microsoft today announced the general availability of Azure SQL enabled for Arc as a way to run SQL across multiple types of infrastructure. Available in the general tier after July 30, this Database as a Service offering will allow customers to deploy across pre-installed infrastructure and Kubernetes. Capabilities include automated updates, ways to optimize data workload performance and automate database administration tasks.

With this update, made in conjunction with its Hybrid and Multicloud Digital Event, Microsoft continues to position Arc as an integrated, go-to offering for hybrid cloud scenarios. The Arc validation program expands the ecosystem to include partner solutions configured to work with Azure. The list of validated offerings is already quite long, including: Dell EMC PowerFlex, PowerMax, PowerStore, Integrated System for Microsoft Azure Stack HCI, VxRail, APEX Data Storage Services, Red Hat Openshift, Portworx by Pure Storage, VMware Tanzu, and Nutanix Karbon.