4 ways to give WFH a new makeover

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The pandemic has exacerbated the need to get a WFH makeover.

Before the outbreak of the deadly virus, Work From Home (WFH) was a benefit that only a handful of employees enjoyed. But today, every company is designing policies to accommodate remote employees and make their lives easy. WFH makeover is an essential aspect that employers should focus on, but not by compromising employee productivity. 

Here are 4 WFH tips you should keep in mind.

1. Prepare unambiguous Work From Home policies

Prepare WFH policies that are simple to understand and easy to implement. Close all doors for unambiguity so that you don’t have to face unnecessary challenges later. Here are a few points you should keep in mind.

a. Set a particular time for stand-up meetings so that everyone is available on time.

b. Assign deadlines so that there is no discrepancy later, and you get your projects finished up on time.

c. Reach out to your team members to get solutions to challenging problems. While working from home, you cannot get hold of your colleague in the lobby or during lunchtime. So always stay connected so that your doubts are cleared on time.

d. Implement top-notch video conferencing tools so that you remain connected with your team and brainstorm on business-critical issues whenever required.

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2. Build a robust communication system

A 360-degree WFH makeover is impossible without setting up a robust communication system. As mentioned earlier, you must invest in video conferencing tools, business emails, and international calls so that your team always remains in touch. Many companies are opting for a professional account on apps like Slack that helps them stay connected 24/7

Another WFH tip is that you should understand the difficulties faced by employees who don’t reside in your home country. In case you have international branches keep in mind that people over there have varying business hours. So it would be best if you didn’t disturb them unnecessarily.

3. Ensure that your employees receive additional support from time-to-time.

Work From Home may appear a piece of cake to a handful of people, but it may turn out to be a nightmare for others. Check whether your workforce, especially the older ones, are facing some issues. Here are some WFH tips that you can keep in mind:

a. Design manuals that employees can refer to whenever a problem comes up.

b. Assign SPOCs (Single Point Of Contacts) who can provide help at a moment’s notice. 

c. Educate all your employees about your company’s technology so that they work conveniently and without any hindrance.

d. Create an appropriate procedure of how one can post a query. 

e. Set a deadline for answering a query so that employees don’t remain stuck with a particular question for an extended period.

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4. Build better relations with all your employees

It’s imperative to build a strong and robust relationship with all your employees. This exercise will increase their morale and provide them the necessary courage to make decisions independently. 

The following WFH tips will help you form an employee-centric ecosystem:

a. Make sure that you meet with your team members over video conferencing at least once every week. It’s because facial cues provide more information than verbal speech, so you will get a 360-degree perspective of your employees.

b. Meet with your team members in-person at least once a year. Brainstorm on business-critical issues and discuss the critical policies that the senior management has planned to implement.

c. Engage in fun activities and have non-work related conversations with your team. It will help you develop strong bonds with your team.   


Today, when the whole world is suffering from the deadly disease, Work From Home has gained a lot of importance. But because no one had thought the virus would cause global mayhem, companies weren’t ready to roll out WFH at such a large scale. Thus, businesses must implement top-notch technology, such as CRM systems, for a complete WFH makeover. 

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