4 Practical Steps for Ecommerce Business on Resuming their Operations

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The COVID-19 pandemic has not only killed several people across the world but has also brought the worst ever economic crisis since the Second World War. Employees are unable to reach their workspace, supply chains have been shackled, and factories aren’t running at their maximum speed, which is why many businesses, especially small businesses that didn’t rely much on technology, have either already shut down or are soon going to go bankrupt. Ecommerce businesses that make use of online transaction methods are relatively playing safer than their brick and mortar counterparts. This makes it all the more important to know the significance of ERP for ecommerce business, the essential technology that gets everything moving. The following article discusses 4 ways why companies should think about investing in ERP for ecommerce.

1. Helps keep employee count to a minimum

Governments worldwide have ordered a lockdown – either partially or fully – due to which people aren’t able to commute from home to office and back. Since most companies rely on their workforce to carry out important functions, they have been affected immensely. An ERP for ecommerce automates the most important functions such as purchasing raw materials, maintaining inventory, generating leads, preparing invoices, and sharing it with clients, etc.

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2. Provides a new platform to sell your products

Statistics show that demand for pharmaceuticals and rations have gone up drastically. This is because people are worried whether they will get their hands on life-surviving products in the days to come. But it’s highly likely that there are a lot of businesses that might not be able to sell their products due to the lockdown. This is where ERP for ecommerce comes into play. It immediately sets up an ecommerce website with hundreds of eye-catching themes and UI/UX designs so that companies can sell products with ease.

3. Catering to high demands for products in the times to come

In the post-COVID-19 world, there will be a high rise in the demand for products. But due to a series of lockdowns and supply chain management issues, it will be difficult to cope with it. An ERP for ecommerce has various features such as the automatic purchase of raw materials, employee shift scheduling, and manufacturing modules that can plan production activities for a week/month ahead. These features will make sure that people’s demands are met on time.

4. Transactions are simplified

The COVID-19 virus is highly contagious. It also spreads if one touches currency notes previously used by an infected person. ERP for ecommerce helps bypass this fear by allowing a safe and sound digital way of transferring cash – Digital wallet. You can put money in your digital wallet from your bank account by using a debit card and then shop using the wallet. The ERP also takes care of transaction details through its accounting module.

The COVID-19 pandemic has bought the entire world economy under distress. People are being handed over pink slips every day, businesses are shutting down, and consumer spending is falling rapidly. But as the proverb says, ‘After every night, there is a morning,’ we will soon find a drug to eradicate the crisis. Once that happens, companies that implement ERP for ecommerce will stand tall while those that don’t will fall flat on their face.

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