What if my ERP software implementation has been a disaster in the past?

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ERP software implementation is a rigorous process and requires constant monitoring to avoid it from being a disaster.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is no less than a boon for any business. It’s because it allows companies of all kinds to conduct business-critical functions ranging from Sales, Marketing, and Finance to managing warehouses, customer relationships, and human resources. So if a business wants to stay relevant, it must have top-notch ERP software to help handle its operations. But there is a catch! 

ERP implementation process is rigorous and requires constant monitoring. A single mistake can lead to a significant loss of time, effort, and money. 

Have you encountered ERP implementation failures in the past? Would you like to save yourself from a similar experience?

Here are a few tips that you must keep in your mind:

1. Check your vendor

You must spend considerable time selecting the right ERP vendor. There are numerous ERP vendors in the market and you should compare the pros and cons of each of them before taking the final call. 

Here is a checklist that will help you make the right decision:

a. Check their credibility in the market.

b. Check for how long they have been serving and how much experience they have in implementing ERP systems.

c. See the kind of service they provide. Inspect all the features carefully.

d. Compare the ERP implementation price to see whether you can afford it or not.

e. Ask how much time will they require to conduct the entire ERP implementation process.

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2. Decide what features you want

Remember that ERP software implementation is not just your vendor’s headache. It’s yours too!

Before the process begins, it’s a good idea to brainstorm what features you need and what you don’t. 

Here’s a checklist you should keep in mind:

a. Check whether you require an on-premise ERP software or a cloud-enabled ERP system?

b. ERP implementation will require you to suspend business-critical operations for a particular period. Make arrangements for the same.

c. Examine whether you need generic ERP software or industry-specific ERP software?

d. Do you have an in-house IT team or will you depend entirely on the vendor to provide IT support?

3. Train your workforce

One of the biggest reasons for ERP implementation failure is the unreadiness of the workforce. Your employees are going to feel the heat during the implementation phase. Sometimes they might need to work for longer hours, and sometimes they may not access critical data. Data reveals that 74% of ERP implementation projects take more time than expected. Such conditions can demoralize your teams and impact their productivity. It would help if you handhold your team through these tough times and motivate them to perform well.

Besides, you also need to train your workforce on how to handle the ERP software once it’s implemented. Usually, older employees resist the implementation process because they don’t want to learn new technology. You must provide them all the needed support and confidence to pass through this challenging phase with ease. 

4. Check what your competitors are doing?

As in all the other fields, it’s critical to monitor what your competitors are doing. The following checklist will keep you updated:

a. Check which ERP vendor is the industry leader collaborating with?

b. Is the industry leader opting for an on-premise, on-cloud, or a hybrid ERP software?

c. How are they upgrading their workforce?

d. How are they managing their customers?

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Statistics reveal that 60% of ERP implementation projects fail to achieve the required goals. It’s because of several factors mentioned above. With the right strategy, vendors, and handholding techniques, you can prevent ERP implementation disasters and better serve the customers. 

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