New Age Tech Solutions to Manage Diabetes

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Diabetes is the kind of illness that affects every aspect of your life. So managing diabetes is a full-time job, and having the right tools and techniques can make the job easier. Choosing suitable gadgets and apps from the market can help bring you the best results in managing diabetes. Some suggestions for your convenience are below.

  1.   Glucose Monitors

Glucose meters measure the glucose levels in your body at any given time. Portable glucose meters have made it convenient for diabetes patients to check their glucose levels without going to the hospital. The iBGStar iPhone glucose meter is the first device to attach directly to the bottom of an iPhone. It comes with an app that contains specific tabs to record blood sugar levels, insulin doses and carbohydrate intake etc. Users can even create graphs of their glucose levels to better study their condition. The Glooko app is also one of the most efficient apps out there. These apps make it easier for the doctor and patient to evaluate diabetes data.

  1. GoMeals

Sanofi came up with an app called GoMeals that helps diabetes patients make healthy lifestyle choices on the go. GoMeals guides about eating healthy, tracking your blood glucose levels and staying active. Another such app called Restaurant Locator lets you browse restaurant menus and see nutritional information on thousands of food choices available in your area. You can create a free account to back up your history and favourite foods to access them later.



3. MedFolio Electronic Pillbox

Diabetes patients need to take medicines several times each day, so medication management becomes a challenge. There are digital pillboxes that trigger alerts for managing multiple medication schedules.

To manage symptoms related to diabetes you can order medicines and get coupons online for your ease. You can also get your medicines delivered if unable to go outdoors. The MedFolio Electronic Pillbox reminds patients through the use of audio/visual alerts, email or text messages. When you open the box, patients can be reminded of the names of each pill that they need to take.

  1. Food scale

Practising portion control is important to regulate your blood sugar level. Food scales help you eat your food without worrying about calories and nutrients. One of the great tools is a plate that’s divided into four sections. It shows what single portions of protein, fruits, vegetables, and grains contain. It is also a great way to avoid over-eating.

5. OmniPod

Insulin is most important for diabetes patients. Using insulin pumps can be a hassle. Most insulin pumps are not waterproof and use tubes. Technological advancements have made insulin pumps easy to carry and use. One such device is OmniPod which is a tubing-free insulin pump that makes it all the more convenient to use. It is also waterproof so you can easily swim and bathe wearing it.  It stays attached to the patient for up to three days and insulin is automatically injected into the patient at pre-programmed intervals.