ERP and eCommerce Integration Will Take Your Business to the Next Level

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Why ERP-eCommerce Integration Is Required Today

Especially now amid pandemic restrictions, businesses worldwide recognize the importance of B2C (Business to Customer) eCommerce. Online sales have been growing astronomically, and they make up a significant percentage of sales, even for brick and mortar stores.

Not to be overlooked is the reality that B2B (Business to Business) eCommerce is just as important. In fact, a significant number of business buyers do all their purchasing online. Now that the B2B eCommerce experience has evolved to the point where it rivals the experience of B2C, many business leaders don’t want to do business any other way.

Whether you sell to customers or businesses, you need to make online purchasing as efficient, convenient,  and secure as possible for your buyers.

One key to winning new customers and ensuring current customers’ loyalty is paying attention to your online sales initiatives. That is easier than ever with an integrated ERP-eCommerce solution from Dynamic Tech Services.

Why Integrate ERP and eCommerce

Integrating your front-end eCommerce platform with your back-end Acumatica ERP connects the two solutions so they will function as one system.

Manual ERP-eCommerce management is a time-consuming process, but integrating these two powerful systems will provide your organization with greater efficiency, accuracy, and security.

What are some advantages you can expect from integrating your ERP with your online storefront or shopping cart?

  • You will have the tools for attracting new customers.
  • You will improve customer relations and loyalty.
  • You will increase order and transaction accuracy.
  • You will gain competitive advantage over businesses with less efficient websites.
  • You’ll increase your team’s efficiency by reducing manual processes.

Integrating eCommerce with your ERP solution can improve company revenue by 15% or more. Imagine how that will add up over the next year.

To help you in your research, Download the white paper, “Connecting Your Business.”

Learn what you need to know about ERP-eCommerce integration and plan your path to success.

Find out about your options, learn the basic terms, and get the facts about ERP-eCommerce integration in the white paper, “Connecting Your Business,” now available from Dynamic Tech Services. Then contact our eCommerce experts at Dynamic Tech Services to schedule a free consultation.

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