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I'm pretty new to email marketing and have recently taken over some marketing responsibilities at my current job. I've been researching a few different CRMs and have thus far been using Hubspot's free version. I'm starting to conduct more email marketing and so far haven't used any templates. I've seen the free email templates on Sendinblue and Mailchimp and am at a crossroads. I could still use the free version of Hubspot with the free Sendinblue email templates, or I could switch to Mailchimp and start using their CRM and email templates. I'm thinking about the long term growth of the company, and since Hubspot gets more expensive as growth occurs, I'm thinking that it might be a good time to switch CRMs from Hubspot to Mailchimp now rather than later. What are your experiences with different CRMs and should I use the free version of Hubspot as long as I can along with the free Sendinblue templates, or should I switch to Mailchimp now?

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