Electronics & Electrical Products Industry Overview

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The Electrical and electronic products industry manufactures equipment that runs on electricity and use electronic circuits to make decisions to simplify day to day activities, wide range of products comes under this category including Home appliances, bulbs, Computers, laptops, printers, communications equipment, and home electronic equipment, as well as a wide range of goods used for both commercial and non-commercial purposes. In addition, many of the electronics products or components are incorporated into the products of other industries, such as cars, machineries, and appliances.

The industry also connect and is a main source of raw material  for companies that design, manufacture, and/or distribute electronic devices, components and equipment including:

  • Lights, Fixtures and Home Appliances  and Personal Grooming Accessories
  • Semiconductor materials and production machinery
  • Medical Testing, measurement, and inspection equipment
  • Research and technical instruments

ERP Contribution in the Industry:

Manufacturers in the industry need agility and speed for sustaining in the market. Daily challenges of constant product innovation, short product life cycles, high levels of obsolete inventory, and complex supply chains can slow down growth of a company.

The electronic and electrical industry is influenced by scientific and technological inventions. People are getting more energy conscious and consuming more efficient product that save both time and money. 

Businesses has to be two step ahead of these rapid changes and that can be only possible with knowing your operations and finances. That is where ERP turns out to be absolute gem in saving business from these changes and keeping them ahead of the time.

To succeed, you need an ERP solution that enables automation, integration, visibility and cross-communication and complete integration across your entire supply chain.

Sage 300Cloud for Success, agility, growth and expansion 

Sage 300Cloud ERP has long line of experience backed by strong technological roots caters the demand of the Electronic Industry from top to bottom. Sage 300Cloud ERP provide real-time visibility across enterprise operations and is capable to track Man, Machines, Raw Material and Finished Goods on the basis of data and Reports.

Business Solutions:

Material Management and Planning with a clear visibility: Sage 300Cloud ERP Provide a clear insights of the material and process which increase productivity, minimize loss thereby reducing overall production cost.

Slow Moving Inventory: Electronics and Electrical industry is susceptible to obsolete inventory due to demand and supply issues and if we don’t have a clear understanding of the slow moving inventory then in no time we could incur unwanted  losses and a pile of obsolete inventory. Sage 300Cloud provides an effective way to tackle this problem by giving you a clear insight of the inventory and help you identify these inventory.

Managing Traceability and Recall – Series and lot wise tracking enables complete tracking and traceability to ensure zero-defects in operations and provide identification of lot in case there is a need to recall and quarantine a shipment batch. 

Inventory Forecasting Optimize your inventory by forecasting and recommendation based on the Sales pattern and by measuring supply and demand.

Material Location Transfer Tracking: Sage 300Cloud provides an efficient way to track material transfers from one location to another. Material can be tracked as if it is in transit or has been received to the desired location.

Manage and Control Return Process Streamlined, automated processes and actions for authorizing and tracking customer returns, claims and complaints.

Minimize Obsolescence Reduction in inventory, obsolescent stocks and lead time to customers.

Automated Process – Periodic hectic and repeated task can be automated to reduce overall order processing time and keep the consumer satisfied.

Digitally transform your business on Sage 300Cloud so that you can integrate business partners across your supply chain or to other systems, on premise or in the cloud. Leverage the power of Cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to get rich insights, unidentified trends and anomalies in your business brought to the forefront.

Intelligence Reporting for analysis: What fits for someone doesn’t fit for another. Business today are no more sticking to the Pre-defined industry formats and reports for knowing their business instead they need more clear cut reports which is not proving by generic ERP systems. Sage 300Cloud provide tools to create reports which suits business requirements.

In these unprecedented times, organizations are rapidly restructuring to reduce overhead expenditures and risk involved in doing business while rapidly innovating to meet demands of their customers and employees. The pressure of rapid innovation, uncertainties, demand disruption, authority compliance and fresh business models are driving technology consumers to consider ditching on-premises software for cloud deployments and adopting Sage 300Cloud for the answers they need to drive their businesses effectively.

Sage300Cloud has the strong technological strength, diverse industry experience, global support and online documentation and surety of good return of investment.

At Sage Software Solutions (P) Ltd., we are home to world-class ERP software and CRM software that will solidify your business tech support fundamentals and enable you to build a customer-centric organization. To know more about it, SMS SAGE to 56767. You can also write to us at sales@sagesoftware.co.in

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