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Photo editing is a task that requires specific skills. Some people master photo editing through years and years of learning and experience. But for other people, mastering this skill can be challenging despite their best efforts.

We have all tried using instant photo editing apps to make our photos look better. Most people quickly realise that the results are usually not as good as professional editing software. This is where Luminar AI can help those who dream of professional editing results at the click of a button.

Luminar AI is the newest generation of Skylum Luminar with fully AI-driven tools that are easy to use even for people with no editing experience. It is the photo editing app that does not require us to watch any tutorial because it is so easy.

What Makes Luminar AI Special?

Luminar AI is a photo editing app designed specifically to simplify the photo editing process. It brings artificial intelligence together with photo editing to make photo editing easy and accessible to everyone regardless of skill.

The AI application simplifies complex editing tasks and removes complicated manual editing steps. As the photographer, you simply let the app do the hard work.

Luminar AI will begin by identifying whether the photo includes people or a landscape and will give you editing style recommendations using the templates included in the app. It will provide you with enhancement recommendations, but unlike instant editing apps, you still have control over your photos.

What Makes Luminar AI Different from the Previous Luminar?

The previous version of Luminar had some basic AI tools built in to improve efficiency. Luminar AI has been written from the ground up, putting the AI engine at the heart of the operation. You can use the AI option to edit your photos with ease and results that rival professionals using complicated photo editing skills and expensive professional editing software.

There are also lots of unique new tools in Luminar AI including body AI, iris AI, face AI, skin AI, atmosphere AI, composition AI, structure AI, sunrays AI, and even bokeh AI. By using those tools, you can change the overall look of an image with a few simple clicks.

Pro Traditional Tools

If you prefer to exercise your professional editing skills and want to put real effort into your editing without using the AI tools, the more traditional photo editing tools are still available in the PRO tab. By using this mode, you can edit your photos manually just as you would in a conventional editing package.

However, the AI tools are worth investigating to make your workflow more efficient without having to sacrifice the results. You can also combine both traditional means and AI tools to create the effect you desire.

Luminar AI is an excellent piece of software to use if you want to focus on efficiency and great results instead of focusing too much on the editing process that takes time. It is perfect for everyone whether a pro photo editor or merely a beginner as it provides simplicity while creating professional results.