How to Master Pay and Bill With Analytics: Timesheet Efficiency

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How do you measure it?

Timesheet efficiency can be evaluated through ad hoc reporting around manual and late timesheets.

Manual Timesheets can be identified and measured by the method of time capture.

It’s important to include an analysis of VMS placements, as they can be a significant source of manual processes. In Bullhorn, this can be measured by identifying timesheets processed through VMS Exchange, pulls timesheets from the VMS and does not require manual input after setup.

Late Timesheets analyze the percentage of timesheets submitted after your payroll cutoff.

Consider combining with:

Billing and Collections Effectiveness. Late timesheets can cause significant consequences to Invoice Aging and DSO, as clients commonly require all time to be billed for the period on an invoice, resulting in an inability to send invoices until the last timesheet is submitted and approved.