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IoT devices are powered to connect via sound waves even without Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

IoT data transmission- The world is more connected than ever before courtesy of IoT sensors. Internet of Things and its allied technologies have transformed enterprises connecting devices via digital data transfers. From music to money, all the digital transfers that are been carried on are primarily based on internet connectivity and smartphones.

Data-over-sound can be integrated into existing hardware without the need for investing in expensive or bulky infrastructure. This ubiquitous technology can be embedded into any phone with simple software integration. A useful aspect of data-over-sound can connect two devices that belong to completely different generations. For instance, the integration of legacy devices to transfer data to cutting-edge smart-devices in the most frictionless manner possible. This technology goes beyond traditional networking capabilities, a fact that alone has the power to revolutionize the IoT sensor experience.

The interoperability of sound as a mode of data transfer is almost advantageous. The same technology can be used through basic phones, PCs, tablets, smartphones, laptops, EDCs and mPOS systems. Therefore, the applications of the internet of sound can be more versatile than all its predecessors combined. With such flexibility, it can be deployed in multi-industry formats like large retail stores to small stores as an affordable, easy to adopt an extremely simple to use technology.

The Future of Data-Over-Sound

The future spells bright for data over sound technology and enterprises must brace for a connected network that allows for money transfer through sound. This involves simple processes that can be commenced even with a basic phone with a speaker or a microphone. When payment through soundwave becomes a common practice, it will enable a host of applications. The shopping experience will become as easy as picking up an item and walking out of the store while the sound wave-based app would automatically pay the bills as the shopper walks past the receiver.

Data-over-sound can change multiple sectors of the economy which are dependent on data transfer. These include wireless printing to communication in highly secure areas such as nuclear power-stations which prohibit radio frequencies are prohibited, data-over-sound can be a potential game-changer. Further, marketers can use sound with embedded data into their advertisements to track user engagement.

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Article Credit: Analytics Insight