AI trends for 2022 and beyond

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There has been an increase in digital transformation across a variety of industries, a phenomenon that happened faster than expected, thanks to the pandemic. It is expected that there will be significant innovations in these technologies in the year 2022. Let us see what the next year brings us in the world of artificial intelligence.  

1. Natural Language Processing 

Without a doubt, NLP is one of the most used AI technologies. Its specialty is that it comprehends human talk and reduces the necessity to type or interact with a screen. AI-powered devices can turn human languages into computer codes which can efficiently run applications and programs.  

OpenAI, recently released GPT-3, which is considered the most advanced NLP ever. GPT-3 consists of more than 175 billion parameters which are used for language processing. OpenAI is on the works for GPT-4, and it is speculated that it may contain 100 trillion parameters. With GPT-4, we are on the verge of creating machines that can engage with humans in a way that is as good as real.  

2. Metaverse 

It is a virtual world, just like the Internet, where people can work and interact with the help of immersive experiences. A total of $106 million was spent on virtual land in the metaverse. AI and ML will be the technologies that propel the metaverse forward. They will help enterprises create a virtual world where users will feel at home with virtual AI chatbots.  

3. Greater focus on model governance 

Businesses want to increase the bottom line, but they also want to be compliant with all regulations. It is a tussle between the two as one might not necessarily help the other. Thankfully, this is where responsible AI becomes an important factor in model (data) governance. It will bring in more transparency and visibility, while ensuring that in the thirst to increase revenue, businesses do not fail to follow guidelines.  

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