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MaximizeROIforYourImplementationGet More Out of Your Software Investment


Real-time visibility, process automation, and customer service improvements are only a few of the benefits of implementing enterprise software (ERP, CRM, eCommerce, etc.) But software costs money, and businesses rarely have excess just lying around. Maximizing ROI to justify software spending doesn’t have to be daunting. The savings that result from real-time data and process automation vastly outweigh the costs.


Oftentimes, manufacturers and distributors skip important steps to hasten implementation. No one can blame them–it’s a major investment that promises major business improvements–however, this can cause project hiccups and limit profitability.


Outlined below are a few tips and tricks to get the best return on your implementation dollars!


Business Process Modeling


The first step in the implementation process should be business process modeling. While your consultant absolutely should align your software to your business, aligning software to a poor business process is counterproductive. Therefore, we recommend business process modeling, a strategy that identifies pain points and gaps, and maps out your vision for your company’s future operations after the software is implemented. Perhaps your data is moving inefficiently through your enterprise or your demand planning strategies aren’t up to par. No matter the issue, business processing helps you minimize the problem and maximize ROI.


In short, business process modeling will streamline your business by aligning software to meet your vision. Teaming up with an expert consultant can help you identify issues to make your software a more effective platform that optimizes enterprise performance.


Robust Training


If your employees can’t operate your software, even a flawless implementation won’t maximize your investment. Thus, robust, end-user training serves a crucial role in achieving significant ROI. Sure, many software programs have user-friendly tools and dashboards; however, to leverage deeper information and features, we recommend comprehensive training.


When your employees undergo effective software training, your business increases productivity and mitigates risk. Because effective training is so beneficial to the implementation process, we suggest working with a consultant- manuals and books just don’t compare to hands-on training. Working with a consultant that understands your organization and its diverse roles will help you maximize the value of your implementation.


Continuous Improvement


Your software journey is only beginning at the go-live date; it should improve business well after implementation. Pursuing continuous improvement provides ongoing support for your system, generating long-term ROI.


One way to achieve continuous improvement is by hosting your software in the cloud. Tedious data security and updates take up your IT department’s time, but in the cloud they will be automatic. Additionally, the cloud provides best practices for data security and protects your data from serious threats. Cloud automatic updates optimize system performances and simplify software improvements.


Further, while software upgrades can be tedious, refusing to upgrade your software will slow down processes and create errors. Upgrades offer extensive improvements and fixes, and they protect your investment from risk.


Your business isn’t static, so your software shouldn’t be either! Over time, your software needs will likely change. We recommend tracking KPIs so you can stay on top of performance lapses. That way, you can pursue additional solutions–customizations, integrations, new modules, etc. –when it’s appropriate.


Wrap Up


ROI isn’t abstract- it’s the specific measure of your software project’s success. A major indicator of your project ROI is the time you (and your employees) save, and the supplementary work you can do as a result. With the right software, implemented the right way, you can increase productivity, streamline processes, and drive up profits.  


Datix is a great resource in maximizing your implementation dollars! We provide hands-on support from start-to-finish, and we are driven by our partner’s success.


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