Google Cloud Anthos: Hybrid AI And 5 Other New Features

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Google Cloud App Modernization Program (Google CAMP) also debuts as a program designed to fast-track organizations’ application modernization.

Google Cloud Anthos- Google Cloud today introduced new features for Anthos – including artificial intelligence (AI) and Kubernetes cluster management capabilities – that are designed to make its hybrid and multi-cloud platform easier to use and handle more workloads.

The third-ranked cloud computing provider said it’s offering hybrid AI capabilities for Anthos to solve the problem of organizations being forced to rely on fragmented solutions across their on-prem data centers and clouds or limit their use of the technology.

“Whether it’s image recognition, pattern detection, conversational chatbots or any number of other emerging use cases for artificial intelligence, organizations are eager to incorporate AI functionality into their offerings,” Eyal Manor, general manager and vice president of engineering for Google Cloud, said in a blog post. “By bringing hybrid AI on-prem, you can now run your AI workloads near your data, all while keeping them safe.”

A constant challenge when attempting to leverage AI for customer experience is that the contextual data needed to train models is locked on-prem, yet the needed AI service framework and customer touchpoints reside outside the data center for scaling and accessibility, according to Chris Garvey, executive vice president of product at 2nd Watch, a Seattle-based Google Cloud partner with certifications in hybrid cloud infrastructure and service mesh with Anthos.

The new hybrid AI offerings available for Anthos resolves this issue by bringing the power of AI on-prem, closer to the data, and then allowing for seamless deployment back out to the cloud or edge without sacrificing data security and compliance,” Garvey said.

Google Cloud also debuted Google Cloud App Modernization Program (Google CAMP), which is designed to fast-track organizations’ application modernization.

“We built (Google CAMP) to help you innovate faster, so you can reach your customers with world-class, secure, reliable applications, all while saving on costs,” Manor said. “Google CAMP does this with a consistent development and operations experience, tools, best practices and industry leading-guidance on how to develop, run, operate and secure applications.”

Google Cloud announced the new Anthos features and Google CAMP as part of its nine-week Next ’20: OnAir virtual conference, which this week is focused on application modernization in its seventh week.

Here’s a look at what you need to know about the new updates for Google Cloud Anthos, which was unveiled in April 2019.


Speech-to-Text On-Prem

Speech-to-Text On-Prem — Google Cloud’s first hybrid AI product – allows for easy integration of Google speech-recognition technologies in users’ on-premises solutions.

It gives users complete control – from within their own data centers — of speech data protected by data residency and compliance requirements.

The machine learning technology leverages Google-developed speech recognition models that the cloud provider says are more accurate and smaller in size, and require fewer computing resources to run, than other solutions. The application can be deployed as a container to any Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) or Anthos cluster.

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