Adopt Data-Driven Marketing To Fuel Business Growth

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‘Data is the new oil’ and companies are readily framing their business strategies around it. Whether you want to create customer segments, provide personalized experiences, and shorten purchase time; you need data. Since the smartphone revolution, data-driven marketing has swelled. It’s because it provides easy access to critical customer metrics that help form error less marketing strategies. This article throws light on how to adopt a data-driven marketing strategy to fuel your business growth.

Personalizing your campaigns

Data-driven marketing helps marketers to catch the pulse of their customers. They get to know their likes and dislikes, pain points, past purchase behavior, and buying patterns. Such measures help marketers personalize their messages and evoke an emotional response in the minds of the customers. It also gives them an idea of what to send and when to send it to create the highest impact. According to the Global review of Data-Driven Marketing and Advertising, 63% of panelists said that their spending on data-driven marketing has increased.

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Optimize content as per the marketing channel

Different marketing channels have contrasting audiences with dissimilar needs. For example, a LinkedIn lead would expect a more business-centric tone. Whereas you can add humor and be a little casual while framing your marketing messages for a Facebook lead. Data-driven marketing assists businesses to know who their audience is and helps frame customer-centric messages.

Helps you focus on your loyal customers

Customer retention has emerged as the most important marketing strategy. A good customer retention strategy ensures two things — regular cash flow and good word-of-mouth. Also, according to research, customer acquisition is more expensive than customer retention. Data-driven marketing is the cornerstone of loyalty programs. It helps marketers know which promotional activities are resonating with their customer base. And which incentive schemes are being favorably responded. 

Data-driven marketing provides fuel to business growth. It helps you personalize your messages, enables you to create emotion-evoking content, and provide relevant recommendations to your customers. This is where we can help. At Sage Software, we are home to world-class ERP and CRM software that will help you drive data-driven marketing at your workplace. To know more about it, SMS SAGE to 56767. You can also write to us at

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