9 Lead Generation Mistakes You Are Making

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Every company is working hard to generate as many leads as possible. They are creating multiple resources such as ebooks, contact forms, landing websites, and are following prospects 24/7 through numerous mediums. But, only a handful of companies are hitting a six. Others are getting clean bowled, or if they make some progress, they get caught out.

9 lead generation mistakes that companies are making

1. You are buying leads instead of getting them organically

It may look tempting to get as many leads as possible. But in the long run, it will prove to be an unsuccessful strategy. If you buy email lists from a local vendor, you will do more harm than good to your business due to the following reasons. First, by sending emails on purchased lists, you will harm your IP reputation and email deliverability. Second, you will send emails to people who have most probably never heard of your company. The chances are high that they will mark your mail as spam. 

2. You are not blogging correctly and consistently

Many companies don’t blog consistently. You should write and publish a fixed number of posts every day. Consistency is the key as it improves your SEO rank and your customers/visitors get to read new content every day. It will help you build a strong relationship with them. Another lead generation mistake that companies make is that they don’t blog correctly. They don’t put lead capture forms or CTAs in the blog due to which their visitor to customer ratio remains low. 

3. You are not offering lead generation content for different stages in the sales funnel

There are various stages in the sales funnel, and every stage requires a different type of content to attract the reader. You need to tailor the content according to the needs of the reader. A first-time visitor has most probably come to gain information about what you sell. On the other hand, the chances are high that a customer who has purchased a mobile phone from you has come to buy an ear-piece. One of the biggest lead generation mistakes that companies make is that they don’t build different content for separate audiences.

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4. You are not using appropriate lead generation tools for monitoring your audience

As a company, you should have a keen interest in what visitors are doing after landing on your website. Are they quickly purchasing and leaving the website, or are they taking their time and thoroughly reading the articles? If you are unable to answer such questions, you will not understand the mindset of your customers. Lead generation tools will monitor your customer’s activity and give you rich reports detailing what they do before and after making the purchase decision.

5. You are not optimizing your webpages

One of the worst lead generation mistakes that most companies make is that they don’t optimize their webpages. If you look closely, you will find that you get most of your traffic from only a handful of pages. They can be the “About Us” page, “Contact Us” page, a product page, or a blog post. Once you mark these pages, optimize and update them periodically. Add CTAs and lead contact forms and get ready to get even more traffic.

6. You are not concerned about those blog posts that don’t get enough traction

Another lead generation mistake is that companies don’t focus much on those blog posts that attract less attention. It’s a good practice to optimize and update blogs that have many views and comments, but if you leave the rest, you are losing many customers deliberately. Content marketing experts believe that the blog posts that occupy the top position in search engines don’t necessarily contribute to the visitor-to-customer ratio. The incredible traction they receive is because they contain information on a multitude of topics. In reality, posts that contain information on only one topic but receive less traction might have a higher visitor-to-customer ratio.

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7. Your lead capture forms are not of high quality

Lead capture forms are crucial for content marketers as they help get useful leads. After all, this is why you have been building a content strategy in the first place. But the length of such forms can either make or break the situation. If the form is too short, more visitors will fill it, but you will most probably get low quality leads. On the other hand, if the form is too long, only a handful of visitors will fill it, but the lead quality will be high. You have to strike a balance between asking too little and too much.

8. Your social media strategy isn’t effective

Are you focusing on your social media strategy appropriately? Many companies think that social media is useful only for increasing brand awareness and traffic. This is one of the biggest lead generation mistakes they make. Different social media channels have different ways of lead generation. For example, Call to Action (CTA) plays an essential role in Facebook. Similarly, links are crucial for Twitter and data-related content can get you more leads on LinkedIn. 

9. The definition of leads isn’t consistent within the company

A lead is a person who responds to a marketing message or fills an online survey. They show interest in buying your product. But the definition of lead changes from one department to another. Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) is a lead that expresses interest in purchasing the product. With some quick guidance and extra information, the MQL will most likely buy your product. But usually, the sales team has a different system of qualifying leads. They call it Sales Qualified Lead (SQL). Different definitions and separate qualifying attributes often become a point of contention between both the departments. 

To gain more leads quickly and easily, you should carefully strategize your approach. Keep in mind the 9 common mistakes described in this article that companies make and find ways to circumvent them. 

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