Gas Generators and Standby Generators for Sale

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Generators are machines that provide backup electrical power when there is a power outage, in areas where electricity is unavailable or where there is a temporal need for electricity such as a construction site. Their sizes range from portable to industrial sizes. Small and portable ones can be used to provide electricity that will power tools on these kinds of sites. Larger ones are used in industrial applications sometimes as the main source of electricity or as a standby for when there is an outage.

There are also trailer-mounted industrial-sized models that are trailer mounted to allow them to be easily moved from place to place as needed. These can vary in size and can be used to provide temporary lighting in places such as concert grounds, parks, disaster areas, or wherever there is no access to electricity.

Power generators typically run on fuel which can either be gasoline, diesel, natural gas, or liquid propane gas.

Standby generators refer to those that are strictly for use as a backup electrical system to provide temporary electricity in locations where there is a primary source of power. These kinds of generators operate automatically and with no human intervention needed. In the event of an outage, an automatic transfer switch enables it to come up and the electrical load is transferred to the generator. When utility supply is restored, the automatic transfer switch returns the electrical load to the utility and a signal is sent that shuts off the generator in readiness for the next outage.

Why You May Need a Generator

It is quite obvious that the main aim of installing a generator is for reasons of lack of electricity. While it is important to have in such places where there is a blackout, you may wonder if you need one if you live in a location where electricity exists and you rarely experience outages. The short answer is yes.

It is always good to be prepared as you do not want to be cut off by any emergency. Standby generators are good to have installed so that in situations where there is an outage it can serve as a source of power supply for your property. Considering how almost everything we do requires electric power, staying without supply for an extended period of time will be all but disastrous.

You can learn more about these models used for standby purposes here:

Installing standby generator systems may sometimes be required in the building codes in some locations to act as a backup for providing power for high priority safety systems. Applications such as fire protection systems, security systems, elevators in high-rise buildings, and so on need to constantly be powered due to their importance.

Let’s examine some reasons and applications where these power supplying devices are useful.

It Keeps Your Home Running

The importance of electricity in the home cannot be overstated. It is used to power essential devices that you depend on day in and day out. You use it to charge your phones, computers, and watch TV. It is necessary heating, lighting, air conditioning, powering your refrigerator, microwave, and so on. Standby generators can serve as a backup energy source for powering all these devices and many more for your home in case of an outage that can happen for any number of reasons. With these, you can keep the food in your refrigerator fresh and keep your family protected in every way.

Minimizing Downtimes

If you are a business owner, manufacturer, or factory and rely on various equipment, servers, as well as other important appliances and machines to be operational, you always want to be online. When it comes to production, business functions, and dealings, you do not any downtimes as you’ll need to meet customer needs and demands.

In case of a power outage, what do you do if you do not have a generator? You will probably be under tremendous pressure as you make frantic efforts to see how it can be restored. Imagine if it is not restored in time, you would have lost ground. You can be prepared for such an eventuality by simply installing backup energy.

You will find the advantages of owning a generator for your business here.

For Medical Equipment and Emergencies

Hardly can a hospital or health care facility run without electricity as most of what they do require it. The life of a patient may depend on it since it is necessary to power such medical equipment like CPAP machines, refrigerators where some drugs and medicines that rely on them are kept, dialysis machines, ventilators, oxygen concentrators and so much more. These are critical life-saving devices and there must be considerations for when electrical power is not available by installing a standby generator to take care of times like this.

For Your Farm

Farmers and associated agro-businesses that are involved in commercial and large scale farming, as well as supply, depend on electrical power to make use of the automated systems that are critical to their business functions. This makes it necessary for such a business to have available a backup energy source.

Whether you run a dairy, poultry farm, maybe it is a greenhouse or it is for everyday basic use such as lighting, water distribution et al, electricity is important and you do not want to be without it at any point. Even short term interruptions in the power supply can have damaging effects. You can avoid this by installing a standby generator that provides a backup when these outages happen.

Whatever you need backup electric supply for, there are a number of suppliers that can furnish you with the specification that suits your need.  If you do not wish to buy out rightly, you can always get it on a lease. For businesses, there is the lighting protection package that protects your businesses as well as assets from damages due to lightning, therefore, saving you thousands of dollars.

You can visit PRIMA Power Systems to find out more about how you or your business can own one of these like savers.


A lot of outages and blackouts are due to bad weather which is something not in your power to control. Conditions such as high winds, hurricanes, flooding, wildfires, storms, and so on can affect power grids. What you have the power to control is your preparedness for any emergency and the provision of a backup in case a blackout eventually happens.

Gas-powered standby generators help you in this regard. You can rest assured that you and yours are well-prepared against such eventualities.