Are you team Twitter or a LinkedIn lover – 5 ways to use Social Media to win new businesses

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Twitter and LinkedIn are one of the two powerful sites which help companies and individuals to not only interact with each other and promote their brands, but also generate authentic and interested leads which will convert faster.

Though some may argue ones benefit over the other, here are some ways to use social media to win new businesses.

  1. Company Profile – In Twitter, a company gets to create its account and a Twitter Handle as it is fondly called. The information that the company can put about itself is very short. Hence, new businesses need to be very creative with the space giving proper linking to their websites. In LinkedIn, the company gets freedom to make an individual page for itself and use the space properly to describe about itself. This space though, should not be overused to communicate futile information to the customer.
  1. Creatives – The Twitter header and the profile pictures that is available on Twitter gives the company the benefit to communicate a lot of information about their ideology, their culture, their work environment in a very subtle and a creative way to the audience. A lot of companies use this to their full advantage to even promote contests, new announcements and developments. This freedom of creativity is not present on LinkedIn like it is on Twitter. Very recently, LinkedIn started to allow its audience to use the header image but that too is very small. The company needs to be very creative while using the space.
  1. Updates – Twitter gives you the benefit of micro-blogging wherein you can use the 140 characters to promote and make your content viral. Re-tweeting of those content will also help you reach a wider audience. Since the platform is a micro-blogging platform, the company needs to be constantly on its feet while updating. Also, you need to monitor the trending topics and how can you use them to see how they can benefit your content. LinkedIn is a professional social site, hence, the company cannot afford to micro-blog and spam its own page. Precisely put content with image or links will help the company to get a niche but a rich audience. When the URL is fed in the updates, they show some snippets of the content. Hence, making the content more readable. There is also a very unique feature available in LinkedIn. That is Post. Posts are those small blogs or articles that you can write and publish with hyperlinks and optimizations. When you publish your content, all the connections in your profile / page will get notified and you do not have to do much to promote your article.
  1. Engagement – It is a very important aspect of any social media. So is Twitter and LinkedIn engagement important to the company. There are some known golden rules that one must follow on Social Media. If you get a mention or re-tweet, it is good to acknowledge the person and also reply promptly if there is any query raised. Delay in response is as good as no reply. On LinkedIn, apart from the general acknowledgement, whenever you read a good post that has been published by the person, let him know by appreciating his work. This will help you in becoming closer to your audience and portray you as someone who listens.
  1. Social CRM – If all the efforts that you put in Social Media is not tracked or made into substance, it will be very difficult for the company to generate leads faster. A Social CRM has outgrown the definition of a traditional CRM to include tracking of customer and prospect responses in the CRM and also keeping a close track on all the campaigns that have are underway. A Social CRM helps you be closer to your prospects and lessens the time required for you to respond to a customer query. With digital media penetrating nearly all aspects of our lives, it is given that all our old ways of working adapt to this new change.

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