How Power Apps and Power Automate Can Optimize Dynamics 365 Sales for Professional Services Firms

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales offers a wide range of functionalities to help the sales team manage their day-to-day activities, but every organization has their “secret sauce” or slightly different process that gives them their competitive edge and unique selling proposition. Microsoft understands this, which is why the Microsoft Power Platform lets professional services firms add their personalized processes to the application.

Microsoft Power Apps is an application that sits within the Dynamics 365 environment and allows you to build, conceptualize and group business processes and information together. By streamlining processes, employees can better focus on their priorities and complete their tasks more efficiently.

In the case of professional services firms, the sales cycle typically includes a team that builds and validates mandates. As a result, additional steps, information or approvals may be required on top of the standard sales process. This is where Power Apps can be useful: users may only need to view or complete a small portion of the information and can now enter it into the system without having to access the complete list of opportunities or details regarding the prospective client.

Microsoft Power Automate allows you to automate certain actions, such as approvals or email alerts, ensuring that members of the organization can take proper action when needed to ensure the process moves to the next stage without interruption. For example, other team members will be notified when the opportunity reaches a certain stage in the process or when a specific activity is triggered. This is especially useful for users who are outside the direct sales process to ensure that proposals are sent to the client and that deals are closed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Personalizing your operations according to your needs can help with user adoption as it improves the usability of the system and increases the efficiency of the team. This reduces the learning curve and the number of back-and-forth communications between teams, ensuring the process can follow its course without obstacles. The Power Platform also provides better visibility on the overall process to the person overseeing the deal and helps notify other team members without having to return to that particular account. By benefitting from these improvements, users are more likely to keep using the system.

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