Notes on Adobe Campaign v6 – Extend and Customize

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Continuing our previous posts, where we looked at Campaign planning, segmentation, deliveries, and running a campaign. Here we will look at some of the ways we can extend and customize Adobe Campaign V6.

We can use the Explorer option within the client console to view all the content within the Adobe Campaign instance.

Explorer renders the content in a tree structure as different folders as shown below.

The Operator within Access Management here specifies a user within the Adobe Campaign. Similarly, Operator Groups specifies the user groups.

We can specify access rights for an operator.

Navigate to the Access rights section for an operator and add appropriate rights.

The below screen shows all the different Access rights assigned to the operator named Test Account.

For each folder, we can specify operators or groups and the rights they can have on it.

There are 3 different types of workflows.

When it comes to adding Recipients it can be done manually as shown below by using the Create option, from the Recipients inside Profile and targets tab.

We can also import the data, that uses the import
template using the Import wizard. The import option also allows for how to treat duplicate data.

Similar to recipients, we can create our custom XML based data schema.

Below are the different options available while creating a new data schema.

We can also create custom forms in Adobe Campaign.

Below are 2 different types of (SOAP) APIs that we have in Adobe Campaign.

Check out the below Pluralsight training to learn in-depth

Extend and Customize Adobe Campaign v6

Hope it helps..