The right CRM for startup calling to bricks and mortar stores and tracking emails

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I'm new to the world of CRM so i'm going to list out what I'm hoping to achieve and hope the kind and knowledgeable folks here can help me out.

We are a start up company that will be selling physical goods via three sales channels. Direct to Retail bricks and mortar shops, via distributors into the shops and online via Amazon.

We have one full time salesperson plus the two owners who will also be handling the distributors and key customers.

We use Gsuite so integration with this I feel would be a neccissity.

What we are looking to get out of our CRM is the following.

1) Ability to track physical interactions. E.G. for the salesperson to note which shop he called to, who he spoke to and what the next actions are to come.

For reminders to pop up if the actions are outstanding etc.

2) Ability to track email responses and allow for follow up emails etc.

3) Ability to manipulate the data for the users (i.e. salesperson visited x amount of shops, x amount of actions were fulfilled within 7 days etc.)

4) If there was integration with our accounts package (sage 50) this would also be great if we could track our interactions to our orders etc.

Perhaps the above is too much to ask, or perhaps I'm missing something very obvious that we should be tracking? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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