Talk to People Instead of Demographics

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Do you rely too much on demographic studies and tools to glean knowledge about the market? That’s fine, but it’s time to turn the table. Go out and meet your target customers. Talk to them and see how they are making use of products. The information that you gain by personal interaction will prove to be critical in developing new products, creating new services, and help improve targeting while marketing. This article focuses on why talking to people is essential for a business.

It helps see beyond features and benefits

What is the core reason that attracts people to buy your products? It’s the problem-solving ability of your products or the memorable experience your customers gain by using them. But if you focus too much on talking about their features and benefits, then you might miss a lot of opportunities. Thus, you must revamp your communication strategy. Focus on how your products will bring a positive change in your customer’s lives. Have face-to-face sessions with them instead of hiding behind emails. 

It helps build focus

A business is destined to flop if it does not focus on its core competencies. Consider, for example, you have increased your marketing expenditure and want to put ads on all your social media accounts. If you focus on too many accounts simultaneously, you will provide a satisfactory experience. Instead, if you invest time and effort in understanding your target customers well, then you would provide a memorable experience to them. Something that they would like to share with others. For this, you need to move ahead of second-hand targeting practices in marketing and towards gaining first-hand customer experience through customer interaction.

It helps you define your brand

Talking with your customers provides an insight as to how they see your brand as a whole. Do they feel it is aspiration or relatable? Do they feel it’s better than your competitors or vice versa? By talking with people you come to know what emotion it evokes in the minds of your target customer? It helps you sharpen blunt edges and provide a personal voice to your brand.

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A demographical study is important to collect data from your potential customers — age, income, religion, sex, etc. But talking with them gives you an insight into their dreams and aspirations and understand what they want. 

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