The COVID-19 crisis has disrupted traditional ways of functioning. Employees and customers are unable to cope up with a wave of sudden changes that have occurred in the past two months. Hence, they have their eyes set on the leadership panel – CEOs and Chief Human Resources Officers – to bridge the gap between the known and the unknown, to guide them through times of crisis, and to give reasonable hope of a better future. This article will throw light on what responsible leadership in the time of COVID-19 means and how C-level executives can take this role.

What your employees and customers are expecting from you?

Being a leader has never been easy. You have to take care of everyone’s needs and stand up to their expectations. And the bar is set even higher in time of crisis. Then only caring doesn’t work. You need to have a plan, a step-by-step procedure to show what current priorities of the management are. An equitable balance between the physiological, psychological, and relationship needs of employees is what matters the most. Attributes such as proactiveness, and responding instead of reacting, go miles ahead in helping people.

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8 things that help C-level executives show leadership in the time of COVID-19

  1. Listen to each employee to understand the gravity of the situation
  2. Show responsible leadership by giving equal credence to – company goals, employees’ emotions, inclusion of stakeholder’s interests, incorporation of competitive technology
  3. Focus on resource management and free people of unnecessary activities
  4. Break down information silos if they still exist in the company
  5. Unite your workforce through a common purpose. This will develop a sense of connection and make them stand together against the pandemic.
  6. Those leading different departments must be compassionate, caring, sympathetic and should effectively respond to the people’s voice.
  7. Leaders across the organization should be in sync with each other and must have similar guiding principles.
  8. Don’t solely rely on numbers, charts, graphs, and statistics. Share insights and show the bigger picture to your team to soothe their anxiety.

Trying times such as these appear once in decades but they decide the destiny of companies. Those that show brilliant leadership in the time of COVID-19 will form a strong position in the hearts of their workforce and customers , which will ultimately translate into huge profits and increased loyalty. And others will unfortunately fall off the cliff.

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