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I'm currently researching potential CRMs and would love any recos.

It's for a B2B sales outreach program.

Currently have a fairly targeted list of around 1400 people, with 300 "VIPs".

I'm heavily focussed on email marketing, with some different needs:

  1. Personalized cold drip outreach sequences
  2. Mailchimp style promo/marketing emails
  3. One off personal emails (being able to quickly review previous email communications is critical for this)
  4. One off mail merge personal emails (EG for news and updates.. Should feel like personal emails)

We also do an occasional USPS print promo

Currently using Streak, and recently started trying Lemlist. A bit frustrated by the lack of integration between the two, and looking for more robust solutions.

Pipedrive + Outfunnel look to have a lot of promise, but I am realizing there are SO many options out there, so wanted to see if there are any other specific platforms that might be worth looking at more in depth.

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