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Hello all,

I am not certain that a CRM is exactly what I am looking for, but I figure this would be a start.

I provide tech help for commercial HVAC controls systems. My company has an excel spreadsheet with about 300 business that we work with. This excel spreadsheet contains login, remote connection, and contact info. Ideally I would love to find software or a program that allows me and others to easily view this information, as well as record issues/phone calls with customers. There are images and files that are sometimes associated with different companies that I would love to be able to store or access too. A cherry on top would be the ability to set different users of this software (or website) with different permissions of what they can and cannot see.

I do not really deal with the sales side of things, so that is not as important. Some analytics or problems that I could let customers see could be useful for our sales side of the business.

Tl;dr – Is there a web-based, password secured database/wiki that also acts as a place that I can log customer issues? Ideally one that can have sets of users with different permissions for what they can see?

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