How IoT is fueling digital transformations

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Sanmina, Michelin, and Hudl share how the internet of things has reshaped their businesses, providing real-time insights into business processes and new connected services customers can count on.

IoT digital transformation

IoT digital transformation- For a growing number of companies, the internet of things (IoT) has moved past the experimental phase and is now entrenched in vital business processes, providing a competitive edge across a variety of sectors.

For example, there’s Sanmina, a producer of integrated manufacturing equipment, which has leveraged connected sensors and the cloud to improve the performance of its factories while also addressing IoT data security challenges.

Tire maker Michelin has used IoT to gain greater visibility into its supply chain, tracking sea-freight containers in real-time and improving customer satisfaction in the process.

And Hudl, which provides video tools that enable coaches and athletes to more effectively review game performance, has figured out ways to use IoT to automate video processing.

Examples such as these show how IoT can address specific needs and challenges companies face — and deliver benefits to their customers. Here’s how these three organizations are putting IoT to work in facilitating digital transformations.

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