Business Intelligent Solutions like ERP and CRM are required in any organization to help achieve optimum growth. Most businesses, startups and SMEs still prefer to use Excel as the only method of analysing their performance and organizing their data. But what happens when the business grows and there is a huge amount of data?

The company will find it very difficult to not only manage data but also find relevant data which gives it the visibility in the current developments in the sales pipeline and the forecasts. Sage 300 Business Intelligence solutions is a global ERP solution which when integrated with reporting can give you selective access to critical data to identify issues early, make an accurate analysis, and take timely action to improve performance.

In present scenario, businesses require a way to move from ordinary spreadsheets to a more strategic reporting and business intelligence solution that enables easier access and provides trustful intuitions. The Business Professionals opt for spending more time in data analysis rather than data compiling and this is where a powerful reporting solution like Sage 300 Business Intelligence solutions comes into picture.

Sage 300 Business intelligence tools can help you optimize business processes companywide and provide decision makers with the right insight into financial and operational performance.  Sage 300 Business Intelligence solutions works in a way to transform raw business data into useful insight. This information can be shared within the organisation to help in making better decisions for successful business outcome.

The BI extracts data from Sage 300 and displays in Microsoft Excel that is easy to understand and manipulate enabling you to design your own reports.

Benefits of Sage 300 Business Intelligence:

  • Use Microsoft Excel to easily write and edit the reports
  • Design Custom reports that suits business requirements
  • Invest more time on data analysis and data interpretation
  • Develop financial, operational, customer and vendor reports
  • Consolidate data from multiple companies
  • Extract account groupings, detailed transactions, summary data
  • Use drag and drop formulas to create and manage the reports
  • Improve customer response time, process cycle time and overall employee productivity thereby improving the team collaboration
  • Create your own dashboards that lets you see the information you need in text and graphics
  • Reports can be shared with only those who need to see them
  • User Friendly features that help reducing the learning curve

Now with Sage 300 business intelligence reporting, it’s time to turn your organisation data into useful information thereby increasing the overall reporting productivity. For more details, SMS SAGE to 56767. You can also write to Sage Software Solutions Pvt Ltd at

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