ERP Solutions: A Game-changer For Society Living

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Is your society still using a dated ERP module?

ERP Solutions

ERP Solutions-Rapid urbanization combined with increasing land prices and preference for amenties and facilities have given people enough reason to prefer cluster living such as in society apartments over individual houses.

Despite having security guards and other security measures in place, the usage of manual record-keeping methods makes security management a nightmare. In the absence of an effective and automated system, monitoring of the constant movement of guest and service staff—including maids, drivers, delivery personnel and courier services, among others, becomes difficult. This is where visitor and community management apps come into play. From seeking domestic help to monitoring visitor entry and pre-authorizing guest visits, society members can track all these activities from any place, anytime through their smartphone. Moreover, since the automated system can record all the visual and digital data regarding entries and exits, it makes society more secure.

Why Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)?

But visitor management is just one part of the solution. Imagine what financial management trouble societies with over hundreds of apartments must be struggling with. Manual record-keeping is always prone to errors. This is where ERP solutions come to the picture. Aside from connecting members on a single platform, a visitor and community management app integrated with financial module helps reduce operational complexities. It seamlessly connects all stakeholders, the admin (builder), the residents and the staff.

ERP is a combination of multiple features put together such as asset management and facility management but most importantly it simplifies financial management through automated billing and accounting.

Is it enough to have a society management app integrated with ERP?

While some visitor and society management apps have a financial module, most of them are quite dated and haven’t reinvented themselves with current times.

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