Now get better Quick Find search experience on grid with 2020 Release Wave 1

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Earlier when we wanted to search a record in an entity, we used to do it through Quick Find search on the entity Grid.  However, the 2020 Release Wave 1 new feature – ‘Search this view’ – gives this capability on the grid. It now applies the current view conditions and then searches the fields that are configured in the Quick Find view definition.

In short, when you use the ‘Search this view’ option on a grid page, the system searches for data only in the view that you’re currently in.

To simplify this further, let me help you with an example for an Account entity:

 Step 1: Navigate to the Account entity, and then select My Active Accounts from the list of views.

Step 2: Select ‘Search this view’ to search for data in the view you’re in.

Step 3: The system searches for data in the My Active Accounts view and displays search results by using the same set of columns that are used in your current view.

To switch back to the old quick-find search experience that uses an entity’s Quick Find view definition to perform searches, you need to navigate to the Advanced settings in UCI.

1) Go to Settings –>Administration –>System Settings.

2) On the General tab –>Set up Search –>Enable Quick Find record limits –>Select Yes for ‘Use quick find view of an entity for searching on grids and sub-grids’.

When you select yes, it will show the traditional Quick Find search in an entity Grid.

Note: In order to use ‘Search this view’ feature, make sure your environment is upgraded to Wave 1.