Unlock The Full Value Of SAP Hana In The Cloud With IBM Power

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With the addition of IBM Power Systems in SAP Hana Enterprise Cloud, customers now have more choices and greater flexibility to run their workloads where they want to across the hybrid cloud.


SAP Hana In The Cloud

SAP Hana In The Cloud- In February this year, IBM announced that IBM Power Systems has been certified for the Hana Enterprise Cloud (HEC) as a critical infrastructure platform provider for large Hana systems. The service will run on IBM Power 9 based IBM Power Systems E980 servers, which have one of the industry’s largest virtualized server scalability of 24TB for the Hana database.

IBM and SAP have always had a long-standing, client-centric relationship since forming the digital transformation partnership more than three years ago. This certification marks yet another significant step forward in simplifying the IT infrastructure for the managed, private cloud environment, and strengthens the IBM Power and SAP Hana relationship in their mission to accelerate transformation for the enterprise.

Christoph Herman, SVP and Head of Hana Enterprise Cloud Delivery, summarises the value of this announcement as follows, “Hana Enterprise Cloud on IBM Power Systems will help clients unlock the full value of SAP Hana in the cloud, with the possibility of enhancing the scalability and availability of mission critical SAP applications while moving workloads to Hana and lowering TCO. Combining Hana Enterprise Cloud capabilities with IBM Power Systems can help establish a faster path to cloud readiness for our clients while addressing risk and providing closer alignment to the intelligent enterprise.”

So, why did SAP choose IBM Power for the HEC?

The Hana on Power solution runs the same Suse or Red Hat Enterprise Linux distributions as x86 servers, with the flexibility, scalability, resiliency and performance advantages of Power servers allowing SAP to:​

  • Accelerate Hana deployments with built-in virtualization that allows push-button scaling capacity with granularity as little as 0.01 cores or 1 GB.
  • Minimize infrastructure with virtualization scalability of up to 24 TB in scale up and the ability to deploy up to 16 Hana modules in a single server.
  • Maximize uptime with live partition mobility to balance workloads and adjust server resources on a high availability non-mainframe Linux platform for over a decade.

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Article Credit: E3 Magazine