Improve ATS/CRM Adoption With These Tips from Oliver at Trust in SODA

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Reaping the Benefits

Trust in SODA focuses on measuring the quality of their contacts, clients, and candidates within each geographic area, rather than just the quantity. Previously, contacts were being added into the system but then were never able to be reached because of inaccurate data. Now, the team is able to more closely measure and report on their communications since they are qualified, relevant connections.

We’re now adding quality data to the system correctly, which leads to better conversations and a better candidate and client experience overall. There’s definitely been a positive change with consultants using the system effectively and then seeing the positive results from that effort.

Oliver Perry Trust in SODA

As a result of championing this change to better usage and adoption of Bullhorn, Trinnovo Group, Trust in SODA’s parent company, named Oliver their 2019 MVP. The entire organization voted to award Oliver with this title after his dedication to training the team on best practices and ensuring ongoing success with Bullhorn.