Construction Company looking for well integrated CRM – cost is no concern provided it does what I need it to do.

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Im looking for something like Jobber and Joist with a touch of pipe drive… I want the sales process to be cohesive, phone calls stored with notes.

While QuickBooks integration would be nice, it seems so many fail in the way they integrate I am prepared to pay my front clerk to duplicate an estimate into QuickBooks.

I want to be able to save estimate templates with stored supporting documents- for example, an estimate for a Custom Widget Welding could need our welding certificates, some Eng stamped drawings etc etc. these documents need to be stored within the app – or at the very least

When a new or existing customer calls me I want an app to pop on my phone “Is this a Business call “ yes no options… click yes and an intuitive dialogue box opens and carries the process , store the number let me type the names and then from that day forward every time that number calls or texts I can store details within the application.

I would like seamless integration from an estimate to an invoice including change orders and other job details – as builds etc. Would be great if I could MX our mail directly to or at least use it as an email client so all contact is stored with the customer

I would drop QuickBooks for a single product I need it to be intuitive, we are tradesmen and guys making a living selling steel and laser cut parts not sitting around learning how to shoehorn a product into an existing process

I dont want the product to be so clunky and counter intuitive that my staff just use paper and duplicate the info into the system

Cost is not really a concern, but I need to realize value – Jobber for example was close but did not present value over its shortcomings – if you are a jobber sales person dont enter the starting gate – I bought it and refunded within 30 days.

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