How to Make Your Customers Love You?

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Half of the year has already elapsed. The pandemic 2020 has grabbed the whole world in its most unprepared state. Assuming the beginning of the New Year, companies would have already prepared plans for Sales, Marketing, and HR and of course, the Customer Support Team. Every year, businesses tend to make fresh resolutions for the areas they have been lacking in.

But the Covid-19 pandemic has shaken the very foundation of every business from almost all industries, which is the consumption, and demand and supply process. Right from manufacturing to ecommerce, software to F&B, businesses have been put to some serious test. While the government is helping cope with the current economy with multiple schemes, businesses themselves are also driving innovations through the adoption of supporting software/ tools and revised marketing plans.

Going forward, what are some most important areas/ departments which must be revised for the rest of the year? Social media marketing, content marketing, business listings, and customer experience are some of the biggest business opportunities. No doubt customer service is one of them. With decades being passed and customers becoming smarter, companies have started to invest maximum into customer service.

A study states – more than 85% of customers will spend more on a better end-to-end service. Now you know the real motive behind spending your time and efforts into serving your customers right. Don’t you? The year 2020 will bring in a lot more business challenges due to increasing competition and you just cannot afford being backed off.

So, if you are already prepared with the counterparts, then here’s a thumbs up! Also, listed below are some possible trends in providing the best customer service for FY2020:

Customer referrals

Your current customers can be your best salespeople if leveraged properly. If you are keeping a track of customer advised database i.e. their referrals, then good enough. Else, you need to start collecting data from your customers’ friends and relatives. Because if a customer has been through your service or product, they would love to recommend it to their peers. Also, they could share their referrals, if asked to. Adopt a CRM software to keep up-to-date with customer purchase history with your brand.

Just remember not to force them!

LIVE response

Ever tried calling someone by just saying “OK GOOGLE” to your android phone? Because there is nothing better real-time application of AI bot than this. Integrated AI chatbot onto your website can help you transform customer service for your business. Because at 0200 hours midnight human support may be unavailable but a bot will always be there. And that’s what LIVE support is!

Real-time support is new customer support!


Suppose your phone is not working properly and want to get it fixed soon. What would be your first step? Would you go directly to the service center? Or call customer care? Or you will first check for possible solutions on the internet on your own and make your parents proud? The latter one! A maximum of you will agree to this.

The same goes for your customers. A self-service tool on the website or portal may be helpful. Including the FAQ section could be one of those. Thus, the power to your customers!

Social media

Social media can help you look more human! It gives you a lot of opportunities in nurturing your customer relations by personally reaching out to them on their profile. You can ‘thank’ them for recommendations and shares through the timeline. This has a benefit for both sides. The customer feels good for getting featured on a business account and the other hand, you build a better image of being social and friendly.

Otherwise, also, there are only benefits, benefits, and benefits of social media presence! So why not?

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