Five Things to Know about macOS Big Spur Right Away

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Apple introduced the next-gen macOS Big Spur in June 2020 at WWDC, which features the revamped look. This was such a major update that Apple named this superb version as 11. Yes, you heard me right, the macOS Big Sur is macOS 11.0.


The tech experts suggest that this is the biggest design update that Apple has launched right from the announcement of Mac OS to the macOS Big Sur. There has been a complete renovation with the macOS Big Spur from the exemplary designs of the icons to the curvature of the corners of the window. And this has been done to present a familiar yet fresh look. With so much said about this new update that’s one of the best and well-received ever since its announcement, let’s have a look at what fresh-out-of-the-box features make it a desirable update:

1- Design Modifications:

macOS Big Spur comes to be known as one of the biggest design updates-all thanks to the easy navigation and great controls that it bestows the users. There has been a refinement in almost everything like we just discussed the beautiful design in terms of color and material palettes and the window corner curvatures. Some of the changes include:

  • The docks icons have been outlined in a manner that there is greater consistency with Apple’s ecosystem icons.
  • A new-fangled Control Center has come into being that swears to deliver quick access to users to controls that appear from the desktop, which is available on the menu bar that can be customized.
  • The controls and buttons will appear only during their need, and users notice them recede when their appearance isn’t necessary. You can play music settings, enable Dark Mode, Bluetooth, and WiFi controls from this menu bar.
  • There are also some new designs and features in the Notification Center for having the widgets and alerts in a single view. The notifications are now interactive, and users can group these per the app.

2. Diverse App Changes:

Apple Maps: Can’t resist having trusted source guides and longing to create your designs? Well, you can do that on Mac, where you’ll find explicit designs and versions for yourself. These guides may include vacation spots, parks, and your favorite restaurants. Apple Maps also include indoor maps in detail for major shopping centers and airports across the city.

  • Extensions:

You can refresh the extensions and decide as to which sites can access these extensions and which not, and for what period. These have become a place of pivotal importance in the Mac Apple Store.

The native web browser changed with the macOS Big Sur update. You can have a privacy report for every website that you visit, prevent would-be trackers from following you, and many other new features. You can also add shortcuts to the Home Page and see an improvement in the tab design.

Another app that has seen updates is none other than Messages. The users can now pin their favorite conversations at the screen’s top and find message animations, tap backs, and typing indicators above the pins. There is a flexibility of adding memoji’s, GIF effects, trending images, and group photos in the messages.

3. Miscellaneous Changes:

Some of the other useful yet new features launched on macOS Big Spur are the AirPod device switching for helping you carry your tunes across the active Apple Devices, The Photos App that has new editing tools. Also, the users will witness a significant change in the camera that works well in supporting HomeKit Secure Video for better facial recognition and a smarter Siri that awaits you to explore the world with a voice search.

Notes, Reminders, Weather, Spotlight, and others are some of the other apps that witnessed significant changes. The recent years have seen Apple not leaking the newest macOS version name, but this year it kept quiet before announcing macOS 11 Big Sur. This update is available for public beta testers and developers for now. However, the official update is all set to be released in the fall and will be free of cost for the compatible Macs.