3 ERP Integration Solution Must-Haves

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Our inboxes are full of queries regarding software integrations. With the plethora of integration platforms available, businesses get confused on their quest to build connected workplaces. How do you know which integration solution and method is best for your specific needs?

Fortunately, these people have come to the right place. A powerful integration solution must check off a few boxes: ease of use, data integration speed and reliability. Datix’s premier enterprise software developers designed the Unity integration platform to meet these three standards and transform our clients’ business performance. Read on to find out more about these ERP integration must-haves and Unity’s superior performance.

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Ease of Use

Integrations offer countless exciting advantages to manufacturing and distribution businesses. By creating a single source of truth, users eradicate duplicate data entry, gain a birds-eye view of operations and forge a collaborative work environment that leads to smarter decision making and greater efficiency.

On top of that, integrated software creates a user-friendly hub of data. Integrations require significantly less training than implementations because users are working with functions they are already familiar with. For example, in an ERP-CRM integration, accounting teams retain the ERP modules they work with daily, but they also gain some new features from the CRM instance that cut down on the number of steps required for common tasks as well as new insight into customer data. This means users adopt the connected system into their routines in a short amount of time, resulting in faster ROI.

However, this is only the case if the integration platform is sophisticated and installed correctly. Every enterprise software review site is peppered with complaints of integrated systems requiring a major learning curve or lacking in simple user interfaces and critical functionality. That’s why when Datix set out to construct Unity, we used an integration platform that uses clicks rather than code to simplify integrations. With this technology, our expert developers can execute seamless integrations that streamline user tasks.

Data Integration Speed

A major deterrent for any enterprise software implementation or integration is the project duration. Horror stories of projects running months past the scheduled go-live date abound, but without this technology, businesses risk wasting hours, even weeks, on simple operations and making costly errors. This puts companies in a major conundrum.

Since businesses can’t afford to waste time on project overruns, it’s crucial to find software consultants and solutions that can be executed quickly and speed up processes throughout the solution’s lifetime. By connecting applications using clicks rather than code, Datix reduces integration time by 80%. We recently connected a client’s ERP instance with CyberSource in just a month, with the actual installation taking only two days. As a result, our client’s payment authorization and capture time was reduced from two weeks to two days. Because Unity is a pre-built solution, the integration can be finished quickly, and our premier consultants provide customizations and configurations to ensure the system supports data synchronizations based on each client’s unique needs.

Integration Solution Reliability

Several other complaints appear on reviews of integration solutions, ranging from crashes and bugs to poor support services. Software projects are serious investments that handle sensitive data and critical functions—lack of support and technical errors are unacceptable as they threaten your enterprise. Unity stands out because of its robust platform and Datix’s superior support. Debug features ensure your data stays safe and prevent costly downtime. Unity clients gain a hands-on support team as Datix’s expert consultants offer in-depth error handling, maintenance and updates to expand the lifetime of your solution. You can feel secure in your investment when you team up with Datix for ERP integrations.

Wrap Up

Software integration is a must for creating a productive, cost-effective enterprise. It’s the best way your manufacturing or distribution company can get the most from your data. But the last thing you want is an integration that goes off the rails. To prevent that from happening, get in touch with Datix. Besides creating top-of-the-line integrations, we’re also an Epicor Platinum Partner, certified partner of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce CRM and a Magento eCommerce expert. After serving for over 20 years as a one-stop shop for enterprise software solutions, we understand our clients’ business needs and software best practices.

Build your connected enterprise—check out our Unity video demo, and contact us today!