How Consumer Devices Will Propel Global AI Revenue?

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With internet accessibility rising across the globe and artificial intelligence becoming affordable, consumer devices are being adopted at a high speed. From smart security systems to health monitoring devices to home entertainment systems, there is virtually no space where these devices aren’t making our lives faster, simpler, and more productive. This article describes four reasons for how consumer devices will propel the global AI revenue in the coming times and why companies should be ready to deal with it. 

Smart home systems

Ever imagined if you could switch on the heat sensors when you are feeling cold or make yourself a refreshing lemonade while relaxing on your cozy bed? Artificial Intelligence is turning your long-sought wishes into reality. Smart homes use AI algorithms as their backbone and help you manage everything – from doing daily chores to maintaining room temperature to ordering food – without any human intervention. 

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Smart security systems

Man has been stealing and robbing since time immemorial. We have made uncountable attempts to curb such wrongdoings without any fruitful results. But with the advent of AI and machine learning algorithms, acts of crime will be put to rest once and for all. Facial recognition technology is excellent when it comes to recognizing intruders. This is not only limited to detecting people who knock at your door or intrude your home but also extends to verifying the authenticity of your pet and car. 

Smart healthcare devices

Healthcare is one of the biggest sectors where AI will play a huge role. People no longer have to fill long forms or undertake a tedious journey from their home to the hospital. AI will store personal information of the patient which can be filled with the click of a button. And will also regulate a customer portal where patients will remain in touch with healthcare providers 24/7. Moreover, wearables such as smartwatches and wristbands will be able to detect a patient’s vitals and send a real-time report to doctors. This will significantly improve healthcare service in the coming times. 

Smart entertainment systems

Amid the ongoing lockdown, where are you watching your latest Bollywood flicks? Certainly not in your nearest cinema houses! OTT platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime have kept our emotional palette vibrant and colorful. And do you know how those romantic rides, treasure hunts, hill-top expeditions, and gritty thrillers are made possible? It’s because of AI-powered movie recommendations. The algorithms collect data every time you watch a movie and recommend what you may like seeing in the future.

The four points mentioned above reveal the real power of AI across various domains. Governments, businesses, and people are recognizing the growing significance of AI-enabled consumer devices and are readily adopting it. The day is not far when consumer devices become as accessible as air and make our lives better.

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