5 Real-World Examples of Automation That Can Help Small Businesses

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Examples of Automation

Examples of Automation- Automation is a popular buzzword these days, and reports suggest that it’s on track to become one of the keys to success for businesses. According to a Gleanster report, for instance, about 80% of top-performing companies have already been using marketing automation for two years and obtained positive results. For small business owners, however, the word “automation” itself is often shrouded in mystery. Is it some expensive investment that only big corporations can afford? And does it involve robots that make human workers obsolete? Not really.

First, automation is in no way reserved to large companies. In fact, one of its key benefits is that it empowers small businesses, freeing up employees’ schedule so that they can focus on key processes, not repetitive tasks. Second, automation isn’t a threat for human workers, it’s a helping hand. So, while initially, automation will eliminate certain jobs, especially in fields like manufacturing, new jobs will be created at the rate they are destroyed.

If you’re a small business owner who has been wondering about the real-life applications of automation and how it can specifically help your company grow, here are some examples that will pique your interest.

1. Marketing and eCommerce

No matter your field of activity, you need marketing to boost visibility and generate leads and automation can be of great help here:

  • Business that use marketing automation tools generate 451% more leads [Source]
  • 91% of marketers rated marketing automation tools as vital for the efficiency of their campaigns [Source]
  • 76% of businesses that implement marketing automation tools get a return on investment in the first year [Source]

If you have an online store, marketing automation can help you even more by boosting customer engagement, leads, and sales. You don’t have to be Amazon to enjoy these benefits:

  • Send automated personalized emails to encourage repeat orders
  • Remind customers about abandoned shopping carts
  • Send personalized emails with deals and offers based on previous order history
  • Send welcome emails, survey & feedback emails, birthday and anniversary discounts
  • Keep customers up to date with new product launches or exclusive promotions

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Article Credit: TechTimes