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I'm an independent insurance broker who sells mostly over the phone. There's 9 million CRM's and even more plugins and it's getting difficult to weed through all of this.

Things I need:

-Price/Cost is a big consideration right now

-I need to be able to call clients from the CRM. Also, need to have ringless voicemail (leave voicemail without rining) a voicemail box for myself, and SMS.

-I get leads into google sheets that's updated throughout the day. I need those automatically pushed from the sheet into the CRM, and an alert sent to me in real time. I get two or three new google sheets a week I will have to add.

-Tracking calls, and be able to sort who hasn't been called, who hasn't been reached, as well as sort by the newest leads

-Email drip campaigns

-Calendar with appointments would be nice

-And again, Price/Cost is a big consideration right now

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