Form Component Control in Dynamics 365 / Power Apps

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Form Component Control can be used to update the parent record -through Debajit’s blog post, we came to know about it-

Below is our custom entity/table named Sample Entity having contact’s lookup.

Let us add one more contact field, specify the Form Component control for it

We need to specify the main form to be used as a static value within the QuckForms tag.

entityname will be the schema name of the entity and the id of the main form.

Get the form id in the classic form editor –

And in the new form designer –

Save and publish the change.

We can see the main form of the contact being rendered within the custom entity’s form on the selection of Contact lookup value.

Now let us look at the some of the key points –

  • Only the Main form can be considered while using form component control i.e. only the main form can have the form component control which must be the main form itself. Quick View, Quick Create, and card cannot be used.
  • The form component will only show the first tab of the form. Below is the form we have configured, but it shows only the summary tab.

  • The validation of the embedded parent form still applies as shown below.

  • Data is sent for save independently for each record, which has no defined order.
  • It is not recommended to use the form with Business Process Flow as a form component.
  • Form components cannot have another main form with form components embedded in them. Although we do not get any error, it might be unsupported.

  • The same form can be used across different form components but is not supported as per Microsoft Docs. Here we have embedded the same form inside Account’s form.

Get all the details here

Hope it helps..