Data Warehouse Alternatives For Salesforce – Why Salesforce Isn’t Enough for Comprehensive Data Analytics

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Salesforce longtime users probably somehow bumped up against its limits as a tool for analyzing your business data:

  • Salesforce's Reporting is Inflexible
  • Salesforce Offers a Limited View of Your Business
  • Salesforce Customization Can Be Expensive and Time-Consuming
  • Salesforce's Pricing Limits Who Has Access to Your Analyses

How To Build A Data Warehouse For Salesforce Without Breaking The Bank – the article explains advantages of data warehouses for storing and analyzing large amounts of data from Salesforce combined with all the other information your business gathers, including all major CRM's, databases, file systems, ad networks, web analytics tools, and more – so you team will have better potential to understand the opportunities and risks facing your business.

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