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Hi everyone! I hope there are some CRM sales agents here on this thread, because I could be a potential subscriber! I am looking for a new CRM system for our 70.000 contacts. I have one important request though:

– my contacts should be assigned to accounts/companies

– contacts will have IDs AND accounts will have IDs

– contacts and accounts should be linked, (should filter contacts based on account info and vice versa)

– contact and account data should both be exportable when used to filter (note: I do not want to work separately with Vlookup!!)

– system should sync with gmail

– if there is a system that makes intellectual suggestions as to who I have to email based on a list of conditions, I would be very willing to pay extra money for that!

So far I've tried Teamleader (contacts can't be filtered based on account info), and Salesflare (data used from accounts to filter contacts cannot be exported)

I'm already looking into Salesforce, but any suggestions would be super helpful. Thanks for sharing everyone!

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