How to turn on Quick Book on Work Order Field Service App Dynamics 365

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Hello Everyone,

Its been a while i haven’t blogged. 
So today i am going to show how to turn on quick book on Work Order Record in Dynamics 365 CE Field Service.
I have been working on Field Service Project recently and while i am configuring security roles and testing them out, an issue appeared the “Book” button” not working when i tried to book a resource from the work order.
Error is spinning wheel appear on the screen and not loading anything.
Go to advance find and select the “Booking Metadata Setup” entity and click on the create new record button on the advanced find UI.

Once opened the record and change the value on “Enable Quick Book” to YES. then save the record.

Now go back to the Work Order Entity and try to click on “Book” button then you will be presented with the right window with the available time.
Then you can select the time slot and book the resource accordingly.
I hope this helps.
Malla Reddy aka UK365GUY  🇬🇧