Work from Home Ain’t Going Away Anytime Sooner

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Are you of the opinion that remote working decreases employee productivity? Are you wonderstruck by the technologies of the future – AI and robotics – and think that sooner or later they will replace humans? Well, nothing of that sort is going to happen any time soon. Companies across the globe are encouraging remote working and are spending heavily on remote systems. This article elaborates on why remote work is going to expand its roots in the coming days and why work from home ain’t going away anytime sooner.

Increased Productivity

Companies of yore believed that allowing employees to work from the comfort of their homes would snatch away their productivity. Those were the times when qualities like discipline, obedience, and adherence to a time-table were celebrated. Sadly, it has continued to this day. But recent reports have indicated that teleworkers are about 35-40% more productive than their colleagues who work in an office setting. Another medal of honor comes from the fact that remote workers produce results that have 40% lesser quality defects.

The fact of the matter is when you provide your employees the liberty of enjoying a good time with their families, participating in important events in their kid’s school, or watching their favorite Netflix drama at midnight, they recompensate with increased productivity, higher engagement, better retention, all of which contribute to sky-high profitability. Based on the stats and the facts shared above, it is evident that work from home ain’t going away anytime sooner.

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The emergence of IoT and Big Data

With the emergence of IoT, work-from-home has become a tip-of-the-tongue term. This is because of the wide availability of IoT systems – AI home assistants (Alexa, Siri), Data analytics, asset tracking devices, smart grids, IoMT (Internet of Medical Things) – that we can stay in touch with everyone and work on almost anything from the comfort of our home. Also, Big Data technology has made it very easy to measure stuff and get real-time statistics that help forecast the future trajectory.

Today, we live in the times of the gig economy. A start-up or a multinational conglomerate can find a domain expert at the click of a button. Thanks to IoT and Big Data, the world is full of freelance experts that provide expert services from their home at a reasonable price. These things indicate that work from home ain’t going away anytime sooner.

A decade back, people visualized work-from-home to be an outlandish concept. Something that could only be achieved in dreams. But positive results of studies conducted on employees globally coupled with the emergence of enterprise technology, that attitude has vanished. Today both – employers and employees – are embracing the idea of remote working and believe that it will redefine the employee-workplace relationship forever. These factors suggest that work from home ain’t going away anytime sooner.

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