Acumatica WMS Relieves Warehouse Management Headaches

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Acumatica Warehouse Management WMS

Acumatica WMS Streamlines Processes to Reduce Errors, Generate More Transactions, and Increase Productivity

Distribution companies come in all shapes and sizes. They don’t all stock the same products, work with the same clients, or even have a common vision for their future. But all distributors have one thing in common, the need for organization and efficiency.

Technology has changed the face of modern distribution methods, and more and more, growing distributors are turning to Acumatica Cloud ERP to relieve headaches and keep their business running smoothly even in times of significant change and upheaval.

Acumatica WMS (Warehouse Management System) is part of Acumatica’s Distribution Edition. It integrates with the Acumatica Commerce Edition to help you accurately and efficiently manage your advanced warehouse needs in wholesale, manufacturing, retail, and other industries.

Distributors who choose Acumatica Cloud ERP now find it easier than ever to improve warehouse and distribution organization and efficiency with Acumatica WMS.

3 headaches, 1 solution

Working with a variety of distributors, we’ve identified three specific headaches your distribution company may be dealing with. You’ll recognize the problems but read on to see how Acumatica WMS relieves them and sets your distribution company on the path to greater efficiency and increased growth.

Headache #1: Too much potential for error

Any system that requires manual order updates by your employees places you at risk of error. Typically, one team member enters an order, another prints it out, another ticks off the picked order, another packs it for shipping, etc. Multiple people interact with the order before it leaves your facility. At each stage, there is room for human and data-entry error on a paper order sheet. If you process hundreds of orders a day, the potential for mistakes increases exponentially.

Acumatica WMS has automated pick, pack, and ship processes that will eliminate the need for paper orders and the potential for order errors. You’ll save time, improve your accuracy, and significantly increase your customer satisfaction ratings.

Headache #2: Missed opportunities

If yours is a growing distribution business, you’ll eventually want to market to the big players such as Walmart or Cabelas. To do that, you’ll need to use an EDI (electronic data interchange) system to share order information with those companies.

Acumatica WMS integrates seamlessly with third-party EDI solutions. Expand your selling capabilities, and you’ll increase your opportunities. The system will grow as you grow, allowing added expansion.

Headache #3: Data delays

If your warehouse employees need to be at a fixed place to input and process data from paper pick sheets, think of the time wasted as they run back and forth to data terminals in the warehouse. Any delay in data entry can affect the accuracy of your inventory record.

Acumatica WMS provides a real-time connection to your ERP. Employees using handheld devices can enter data from anywhere in your warehouse. Inventory levels will be up to date at all times. You, as well as your customers, will know precisely what is available for distribution.

Acumatica WMS is the solution

Acumatica WMS has all the time saving and organizational functionality needed by growing distribution businesses. Fully integrated with the Acumatica Commerce Edition, Acumatica WMS helps time-strapped wholesale distributors get more done — in less time — with fewer errors and increased customer satisfaction.

Your business is unique. Acumatica’s flexible WMS offers a wide range of features that can help all kinds of growing distribution companies operate more efficiently. If you’ve experienced any of the headaches mentioned above, you should take a more in-depth look at Acumatica WMS.

If you’d like to know more about how Acumatica WMS can help your growing distribution business operate more efficiently, contact our experts at Dynamic Tech Services.

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