5 Things Managers can do to Support Remote Workers – Part 2

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In the last part, we saw two ways of how managers can support remote workers. The third and final part will throw light on three other strategies that managers can adopt to make their team members transition from an office-setting to a remote-setting with ease.

1. Have an array of communication options

Communicating well with your team keeps the engine running. With the advent of numerous digital communication mediums, remote working is being accepted with open arms. You can give a personal touch to your meetings by making use of video conferencing tools, such as Skype. You can make use of message apps, such as Microsoft Teams, for instances that require quick collaboration.

2. Set rules of engagement

As a manager, it is imperative that you establish certain rules for sharing information and conducting meetings at the beginning itself. This includes informing what communication platforms to use and the frequency of messages. For example, you can use video conferencing (Skype) when you want to discuss topics that require a flowchart, a statistical graph, or a diagrammatic representation of something. When you need to assign work for the day, a simple voice-call or email can do. At other times, when you need to share information quickly, you can use IM (Instant Messaging). At times when one/all of your subordinates need your assistance, you should clearly inform them when they can reach you over a phone call, and what time of the day you are available for a video call.

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3. Become the go-to person for your team

Remote working can be a little tricky to handle, especially when it is called abruptly. And this is what has happened due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The whole world is in lockdown mode and work-from-home has become the new norm. Without sufficient training and experience, employees get anxious, which has a serious effect on their productivity. Being a manager, you should become the pillar of emotional support for your team and help them sail through challenging times. You should hear their worries and find solutions to their concerns. You should empathize with their struggles and lend a helping hand.

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