Why the Future is all about Bots for Enterprise Vendors?

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Millennials love being connected 24 x 7. Their personal lives largely revolve around messaging and staying in touch on the go. From getting views on a new purchase to sharing good wishes at the click of a button, millennials aka Gen Y entails a majority of the workforce today. The generation lives a synchronous and instant life built atop the foundation of consumerism. Millennials are taking over the workplaces at a great pace. This is the reason why we are witnessing a revolutionary shift in the way individuals work these days.

In the era of instant messaging, email still is the most relied means of communication. This glides us to one of the biggest underlying problems i.e. substandard collaboration affecting enterprises today. Yes, collaboration is no longer a nice-to-have only thing, in fact, it is an integral behaviour to get things done. This is the reason all the software and tools in use today ought to mimic this integral behavioural trend to promote efficient, better and agile collaboration. Thus, time has arrived for the enterprise vendor or software industry to adopt these changes and develop consumer-based experiences to replace routine workflows and tasks.

Now is the Time!

Communication tools and platforms that enable instant messaging in the office have a critical role to play in workplaces. By curbing the threshold to kick-start a new conversation or voice out a concern, these platforms/tools are regulating information at workplaces. These tools help to instil values and ideas that are dear to the millennials. Simply put, these tools are taking the archaic open-door corporate policy to a whole new level. By keeping all the interactions and discussions synchronous, today’s workforce is getting what it loves. Just as enterprise solutions liberated us from the hassles of paperwork and documentation, these tools would facilitate robust collaboration.


Being open communication solutions, these platforms offer a perfect breeding ground for automation and integrations. These platforms can help in subscribing to alerts, creating workflows and sharing information to multiple systems thus, improving productivity largely.

Further, a new breed of enterprise tools can relieve employees from the tedious expense tracking to staying updated with accounting and business intelligence feeds to help keep the workforce engaged.

Next comes machine learning, which has come a long way since its inception. With the availability of open platforms, it is now very much possible for small vendors to utilise this tech with ease when it comes to creating systems that can interact with people and interpret work contexts on the basis of past interactions.

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For enterprise vendors, the benefits of these tools from an economic viewpoint is noteworthy. Today where the cost to acquire a new customer is immensely high and uncertain, the ability to leveraging the distribution network of thousands of enterprise customer is certainly a worthy thing to do.

Long story cut short, all the enterprise vendors out there that lack a messaging platform plan, are going to miss out big time.

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