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The NextGen Technology Supply Chain Conference will recognize companies leading the way on new technologies


NextGen Technologies

NextGen Technologies-What does it take to put together an award winning supply chain utilizing NextGen supply chain technologies?  That’s one of the questions that will be answered at the NextGen Supply Chain Technology Conference, April 27 – 29, 2020 at the Chicago Athletic Association hotel in Chicago. Click here to register. The conference is sponsored by Supply Chain Management Review.

All too often, new technologies are a tough sell. And it’s no different, in fact it may be even tougher, with NextGen Technologies from AI to blockchain, robotics , analytics and the big kahuna of them all – digital transformation. To begin, the CEO wants to be sure that NextGen Technologies serve the company’s mission, not the other way around. The CFO insists that the investment delivers the ROI promised. And the supply chain people need to ensure that the complexities of the supply chain become less so and not more so.
Inertia and indecision are often the answer to giving a NextGen Technology a whirl.

Fortunately, that isn’t always the case. Better yet, the upcoming NextGen Supply Chain Conference will proudly recognize 10 such success stories from companies as diverse and well known as FitBit, GE Appliances, Lenovo and others.

The Supply Chain Award winners are broken into five categories – AI, blockchain, robotics, analytics and digital transformation – across both suppliers and end users. They will receive their awards at the Chicago Athletic Association on April 28, the first full day of the conference. Following is a cursory look at the winners. To get the full story, you’ll want to attend the conference.

Solution Provider Award – LevaData
End User Award – Reyes Holdings

Try all you want, but you can’t find two more divergent applications for AI than these two. LevaData worked with Fitbit while Reyes Holdings focused on its beer division. Who says AI isn’t for everyone.

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