Inventory becomes a prime property when it comes to Airline and Aerospace Industry. Inventory in this organization is of high value as it is used in the Aircrafts, space crafts and other related industries. With so much at stake, the tracking of the inventory becomes very crucial for quality and control purpose. Apart from the above there are lot of other things like lot numbers, specifications and dimensions etc. that needs to captured and then reported.

Basically such industries have inventory like Aluminum and steel etc. From a procurement perspective, the alloy, temper and thickness of the metal in raw material stage becomes a major criterion and is always at the top priority of the procurement department. While procurement, the manager also needs to see that the raw material matches the specifications which are as per the international standards and are applicable to all aerospace industry. Also there might be a case where the organization might receive additional specifications apart from what it is been defined at the PO level. In such cases, the organizations in-warding the consignments are more than happy to take such additional specifications as the get a flexibility to use them on the customer’s behalf.

Sage X3, ERP for Airline and Aerospace Industry, with its capability of handing the inventory management with the Lot and Sub Lot tracking has provided a flexibility to ensure such requirements are efficiently handled through the system. The alloy, temper and thickness can be captured at the header level while the specifications and other important details can be captured at the detail level. Apart from, all the important the documentation has to be maintained at each lot and sub lot level which has to be floated starting from the RM inward to the FG.

The documentation that can be captured in Sage X3, ERP for Airline and Aerospace Industry involves certificates that have been released from the Mills and the distributors. There might be a case where the material coming to the location is being supplied by a distributor who in turn has purchased it from another distributor who in turn has purchased it from the mill (the origin). Each of them, mandatorily has to release a test certificate which is related to the quality assurance and testing done. All these details have to be included and tracked at each and every level because all the distributors will have their own certificates along with the mills certificate which forms the origin of the materials.

Here, the document attachment feature of Sage X3, ERP for Airline and Aerospace Industry helps you to track the flow of these documents starting from the inwards till the Sales and post sales. Thus, anytime the user wants to back track the document details, the system will be have all the relevant details which will help get the details efficiently.

Thus when it comes to inventory in Airline and Aerospace industry we just have to ensure all the required processes are there in place and are maintained accordingly which can be efficiently done by Sage X3, ERP for Airline and Aerospace Industry. To know more about which Industry solution will benefit you the best. SMS SAGE to 56767. You can also write to for a free consultation.

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