You can get 1.8X revenue growth by enhancing the employee experience. Here’s how.

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Employee Experience (EX) is the backbone of Customer Experience (CX).

Every company is brainstorming on how to provide excellent customer satisfaction. But they rarely focus on their employees’ performance and whether they are enjoying their jobs. In partnership with Forbes Insights, a recent study by Salesforce shows that companies that prioritized Employee Experience (EX) to provide excellent Customer Experience (CX) achieved 1.8 times faster revenue growth. So the first step to getting consistent revenue growth is that you ensure your employees love what they are doing. When your employees are deeply engrossed in their jobs and work as a united force, it has a spillover effect in terms of increased customer satisfaction

You must keep the following points in your mind if you want to deliver an enhanced employee experience:

a. Implement best-quality employee monitoring technology, like Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, to see what your employees are doing and check whether they need handholding.

b. Create employee training programs to update their skills so that they can handle high-tech technology conveniently.

c. Incentivize information sharing so that different departments don’t hold onto critical business data.

d. Set up high-quality Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software that destroys information silos so that it’s easy for the different departments to share business-critical information with ease.

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The following points will explain in detail how you can enhance your revenue growth by offering an excellent employee experience. 

1. Tackling cultural shifts effectively

In the digital world, we live, everything is changing rapidly. Customer behavior is one of the many factors that have undergone a rapid transformation. People’s habits and purchase patterns are not the same as they were a decade ago. As a result, if your employees don’t embrace the change with open arms, you will lag behind your competitors. 

But there is a catch. According to a recent study, 43% of EX leaders confirm that employees resist significant cultural changes. As a leader, you will have to smoothen your employees’ transformation journey. CRM software can significantly improve EX and provide a unified vision. It can incentivize employees on CX metrics and allow teams to work as a cohesive force in achieving both CX and EX goals. And research shows that 84% of customers agree that the experience a company offers is as critical as its products and services.

2. Avoid employee burnout

A significant impediment in providing excellent customer satisfaction is employee burnout. Your workforce may be working at an optimum level, but it’s necessary to check whether they feel the heat. Because anxious employees cannot deliver excellence for an extended period. Keep the following things in mind to give an exceptional employee experience:

a. Thank your employees often for their ability to come up with practical solutions to challenging problems.

b. Focus on furthering their careers. Create a training institute where employees can learn cross-functional skills. For example, coders can learn how to write effectively, and content writers can learn programming basics.

c. Implement CRM software that can take up easy jobs like form filling and data entry so that your employees get time to focus on issues that require human ingenuity.

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Great employee experience is essential for delivering excellent customer satisfaction. If your employees are happy, your customers will naturally be satisfied. Studies prove the same. A recent survey by Forbes found out that it’s five times more expensive to acquire new customers than retain the existing ones. So, if you aim for massive revenue growth, ensure that your employees’ needs are being looked after, and they get all the opportunities to nurture their ambitions. Also, keep in mind that you implement relevant technologies, like CRM software, to make their job easy. 

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