Power BI Insights: SQL Server Profiler; JavaScript sites; Power Query; Preventing timeouts

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Microsoft Power BI professionals share insights on connecting SQL Server Profiler with Power BI Premium, pulling data from JavaScript sites and preventing timeouts when connected with SQL Server.

Connecting between SQL Server Profiler with Power BI Premium

Chris Webb revisited the theme of testing in a browser, which he first wrote about in December, 2019. In one of his latest blogs, he noted that users often need to assess DAX queries generated in a report and be mindful that report performance may differ between the browser and Power BI Desktop. It’s important to compare results with whatever shows up in the Desktop Performance Analyzer. He wrote:

If your report uses a Live Connection to Analysis Services this is easy to do using either SQL Server Profiler, Azure Analysis Services’s diagnostic logging feature or XEvents. If you’re using a dataset stored in Power BI we have a range of options for monitoring what’s going on including Usage Metrics and the Premium Capacity Metrics Apps and of course there’s also DAX Studio, but for an old-school guy like me, connecting to a Power BI Premium workspace using SQL Server Profiler is a great way to go to get detailed information about what’s going on when queries run.

Webb explained the process to connect SQL Server Profiler with Power BI Premium. First off, users need to install SQL Server Management Studio and take advantage of the XMLA Endpoints feature. Through the file menu, users can set a new trace, create connection dialogs, choose a dataset and start a trace.

Pulling data from JavaScript sites with Power Query